The first issue I’ve run into with my migration from (self-hosted) to is that I see no way to insert OpenID delegation links into my template.

See I’ve been using as my OpenID. By ensuring that my template had appropriate link elements, I was able to delegate actual OpenID authentication to JanRain’s provider. The idea was that rather than using my JanRain-issued OpenID everywhere, I’d use and then I’d be free to change providers at a later date if needed.

Since moving to I’ve found no way to add the necessary links to the template. Only answer I got on the support forum was:

Sorry, I don't think you're in the right place…

I get that a lot.

If I can’t get the folks at support to solve this it’ll mean I won’t be able to use my blog URL as my OpenID any more. That will be a little sad. Also It’ll entail groveling around to a bunch of sites and updating profiles. Worst case I may have to temporarily redirect my domain back to my (self-hosted) blog in order to authenticate (under my old OpenID) in order to change to a new one

**update 15:19: **well while it’s true that there is no way to insert those links, since is an OpenID provider I don’t strictly need the links in order for my blog URL to serve as my OpenID. I just verified that I am able to enter into relying party sites and that they are able to authenticate me. Minor issue that remains is that since I’m redirecting (DNS) to I actually get authenticated under the latter domain. So if I really want my accounts back I’ll have to temporarily un-redirect that domain and then log in to all the affected accounts and change them to use