Roman Empire by Enzo D. (Zoen)

I love my Macs. But dang it, I’ve encountered a couple annoying Leopard problems that have significantly impacted their value.

First, my old iMac won’t connect via WPA2 to my Airport Extreme since upgrading to Leopard. What am I gonna do—run an ethernet cable across my living room floor. Or should I say: across my wife’s living room floor?!?

Second, this week, my MacBook Pro stopped waking from sleep mode. The solution is simple but devastating - simply turn off Bluetooth…um, and then you don’t have Bluetooth.

What is going on here? I’ve had years of happiness with my OS X Macs. And now I’ve got two men down (out of three). Only the trusty PowerBook is unaffected by any of this.

‘sup Apple? Did you get ahead of yourselves with the sheer pace of coolness?

**update **June 6, 2008: The good guys at MacForce helped me out w/ the sleep/wake problem on the MBP. The fix was simple: reset the PMU. A no-brainer (but only if you think of it). WPA still broken on the iMac as of OS X 10.5.3.