No way home by akashgoyal

If you use your WordPress blog as an OpenID (as I do) via a link rel=’openid.delegate’ tag (that delegates to an external OpenID service) then you may be locked out of your accounts after upgrading to WordPress 2.3.x.

Wordpress 2.3 introduced a new feature called URL canonicalization that turns requests to into The justification is that it helps normalize statistics gathering in some cases (though in my experience, Google Analytics needed no such help).

But what happens if you were using an OpenID like on a (OpenID ‘consumer’) site like is that after the WP 2.3.2 upgrade you actually end up authenticating the id (not So you can never get back into your account at Got that?

Update 4:49pm:

My _initial _solution was this nifty one-line disable canonical redirects plugin from Mark Jaquith. Simply drop that in your WP plugins and enable it and you’ll no longer suffer URL canonicalization. But a simpler approach was to simply set the blog URL to in general options. Now I’m redirecting to and all’s well.